Exciter has been around for quite a while (they released their debut Heavy Metal Maniac in 1983) and I feel they are synonymous with the old school thrash metal scene. That said, the title of this 2008 record, Thrash Speed Burn, is perfectly fitting as it’s exactly what you get when the album starts up; it’s a full-on fast, thrash metal record with blazing guitars at every turn.

Canada’s Exciter have been in existence now for 34 years, an amazing achievement no matter how you look at it. The band has had several line-up changes, including vocalists, so at times their discography has seemed a bit disjointed. When I found out that Death Machine was originally released in Europe back in 2010, my hackles immediately went up as generally this is an indication of a release that is low on quality. This is thankfully, not the case as the release, while not a a classic by any stretch of the imagination is a decent thrash record, with singer Kenny Winter sounding kind of like Dave Mustaine.