There’s something about brothers in rock bands that just seems to work more often than not. Exalt is a hardcore/metalcore band from Kitchener, Ontario that is maybe a little different from your average “loud” group. Their songs focus a lot on the more positive aspects of life as opposed to the common cynical, pessimistic attitude common of hard rock music. The band’s album is called Breach False Minds, a record that they have been hard at work on for nearly two full years now. The band is excited for its release as well as some accompanying tour dates that will go along with it. We spoke to Exalt’s lead singer Tyler Brand recently about the origins of his band, what artists he was really taken with as a youngster and some more information about Breach False Minds.

Canada’s rock and metal scenes are just plain booming these days. From the east to west coasts the sick bands seem to be sprouting up everywhere like weeds run rampant. One of these latest hot tickets is Kitchener, ON’s own five piece, Exalt. Composed of friends and brothers, Exalt blend hardcore and metalcore into something simultaneous abrasive and melodic, overrun with reoccurring themes of positivity and self-worth.