Suspended At Aphelion is yet another album that, for quite some time now, has been highly anticipated by the metal world. This time out the doom metal legends have undertaken a tremendous task in writing one single, forty-minute song divided into eleven parts that is designed to be taken in as a whole. Not to say you cannot flip through the tracks but, after having listened to it both ways, I truly believe the straight-though approach is the most comprehensive way to fully appreciate the epic majesty that is Suspended At Aphelion.

Pitch Black Records is pleased to announce the newest addition to its roster – Greek epic heavy metal band Valor. Valor were formed in 2002 and two years later released their first mini-CD (The Nameless One) which received high praises from international underground media. In 2008 came the band’s first full-length album (Destiny’s Path) which was again greatly received by fans and media while at the same time it laid strong foundations for a solid bond between band members both as friends and musicians.