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Since their 1999 debut, Chevelle has quietly etched out a very successful career for themselves, releasing records every couple of years and maintaining a strong fan base. The band has certainly had its share of hits over the years (“The Red,” “Vitamin R,” “Jars”) but they never seem to receive the top billing of which they’re probably deserving. The group been quiet recently, spending time writing and recording a new record after touring wrapped up behind 2009’s Sci-Fi Crimes.

It’s been far too long since The Nightwatchman has been out raising his fist and spreading his message of peace, love and tolerance. Due to other projects, Rage and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello has put his acoustic (and now electric) guitar aside; it’s been three years since the release of The Fabled City. Never fear though, The Nightwatchman has returned with a third studio record called World Wide Rebel Songs due out on August 30th.

The album is just coming out and already Incubus is on to the second single off their latest If Not Now, When? release. Incubus’ sound has certainly changed over the years from the nu-metal days of their debut album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. to soft, ballad radio hits like “Drive” and “Dig.” Their evolving sound may irritate a lot of original, hardcore fans, but there’s no question that Incubus has always been able to evolve and tweak its style to sound contemporary and fresh.

Five freakin’ years since the last Incubus record? You heard it right folks, one of the most prominent bands of the early 2000s has been on a lengthy hiatus since the release of their 2006 LP Light Grenades. It’s hard to believe, but time certainly flies by. But never fear, Incubus has returned with the group’s seventh studio record If Not Now, When? due to out on July 12th.