Cold Black Suns (Season of Mist) is an unforgettable piece of occult black metal art, fusing savagery with frozen beauty – but it is also a selection of nine very separate songs that can each stand on their own as near-perfect examples of the craft Belgium’s Enthroned have been honing for a quarter of a century.

Belgium’s Enthroned have always been a bit of an underdog in the black metal scene. While the band have always had a decent following, they’ve never really broken through to “top tier” status. Part of the reason is that (at least to me) the group have never really been able to consistently deliver high quality albums. Sure, they’ve always had decent recordings, but never did they have a release that could truly be called solid until 2012’s Obsidium came along.

Released via Agonia Records on April 15, 2014, the 9-song skull-smasher of a disc entitled Sovereigns, is the latest and greatest from Brussels, Belgium-based black metal band, Enthroned. Loaded with jarring moments, we decided to toss some gear questions at bassist Phorgath who in turn hooked up some cool responses in order to help us all better understand the sound behind Sovereigns. Check it out.

Premiere track from Enthroned’s upcoming album, ‘Obsidium’, is streaming right now down below. The new album has recently reached rank 4 in a Souncheck prepared by Legacy Magazine. The Soundchek includes 49 albums that will be released in the next few months in Europe and US. Obsidium meritoriously overtook new albums from Cannibal Corpse, Overkill, Swallow The Sun and Aura Noir to name just a few.