The cover songs alone make this release: four flawless renditions original enough to justify redoing, but faithful enough to pay homage. And then there are still four Monument songs to discover. In the trademark Cap’n Jazz style of indie-emo, Monument pulls off Sweatpants Fever! effortlessly, reminding us how good emo really was, and apparently still is.

Say Anything has undergone countless metamorphoses since their formation in Los Angeles, California in 2000 – starting with their name, which was initially Sayanything, not acquiring the space until sometime in 2002. The original line-up, consisting of frontman Max Bemis, drummer Coby Linder, Evan Span on guitar and Michael Levin on bass, released an EP entitled Junior Varsity, followed by their first full-length album, Baseball, in 2001.

August 2009, vocalist Mike Coasey unveiled that Armsbendback were reforming and releasing an album later in the year. As a huge fan of their past release The Waiting Room I was excited to hear some new music after a six year breakup. Three months later the band released their second full length, a self-titled effort through…