With a line-up that boasts a combination of both French and American cultures, it’d be fair to expect An Endless Vision to sound like the bastard offspring of both the European and American metal scenes and, as the clinical, juddering riffage of opener “Amiss Desire” spits this album into life, it’s apparent that NightShade have in fact taken elements from both scenes and melded them together into an impressive end product.

Dance-infused rock innovators, The Bunny The Bear are streaming “The Frog” from their forthcoming album, Stories, out April 16th. Recorded at Watchmen Studios with their longtime producer Doug White (Gym Class Heroes, Every Time I Die), Stories demonstrates the bands’ trademark contrasting duel-vocalist approach, with dangerously catchy melodies in their most dynamic release to date.

Imminence Records’ Sirens has unveiled their boundary pushing new single entitled “Drone” to the world. The single, which can be heard below, features technically-driven heavier sections complementing immaculate ambient soundscapes. Drummer and singer Zakk Huff had this to say on the single, “We are excited to present our fans with what we consider to be our heaviest, most demanding, and softest song yet. ‘Drone’ pushes our boundaries in all directions; intricate rhythmic work, experimental orchestration, distinct vocal lines, dense harmony, massive guitar, and drastic style changes that push the genre “progressive metal” to the limits.”

A year after their debut album, The Bunny The Bear returned with their sophomore effort, The Stomach For It. In case you’ve never seen TBTB live, you should know that the group revolves around two members: Matthew Tybor (Bunny) who handles the shouted vocals, and high pitch singer Chris Hutka (Bear). When these dueling vocalists perform they don animal masks affording their shows a unique feel.

The masters of groove-infused dance metal are back and better than ever. With the release of Urban Warfare, Klank once again dishes out one heck of an album that was well worth the wait. The trademark synthy arrangements and meaty chords that we have come to expect from a Klank record are all accounted for on Urban Warfare and many of the songs are so hypnotic and mesmerizing that they burrowed into my head and remained with me throughout the day.

This record caught me completely off guard and nearly blew my socks off. The Island is an amazing, innovative blending of metal and dub step, and while I am by no means a fan of the dub step genre on its own, the way that Censura creatively combine it with some serious groove-driven metal is quite stunning. “Boom” hit me like a ton of bricks and honestly I spent the remainder of the nearly twenty minutes trying to recover.

Alternative-electronica rockers Awaken the Empire recently premiered their new single “Cross My Heart” with Alternative Press, and now we’re pleased to offer a free download as well. Formed in Los Angeles, California in 2010 Damien Lawson (vocals, guitar, programming), Jaymz Marcc (bass), Daryl Falconer (drums) and Shivan Somaratne (guitar) came together with the same goal in mind – to make awesome music. Through rigorous work the quartet self-produced and released their debut EP, The Awakening in early 2011 and was fortunate enough to work with producer Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, Versa Emerge, Get Scared) on their latest release.

Well known for her voice in Mary and The Black Lamb, Lindz Riot is taking the reins yet again in her first ever solo effort “Schoolcraft”. Native to Canada, the classically trained vocalist and pianist draws new inspiration from nature, fantasy, trip hop beats, and symphonic orchestration. All while keeping the simplicity of piano driven pop ballads.