Eagle Rock


Very few people have had such a prolific and storied career as Carlos Santana. For decades this guitar great has created music that crosses genres and entertains fans of all ages, and this Blu-ray disc is no different. The 23 songs included in this set are extremely entertaining and at times off the cuff. As you would expect many of his wildly popular, crowd-pleasing tunes (“Black Magic Woman” and “Oye Como Va” to name but a couple) are present and accounted for.

I have never owned a Pretenders disc, but I’ve always rather enjoyed whatever tunes of theirs I’ve heard on the radio. Needless to say when I sat down to watch this disc I was unfamiliar with the majority of the 26 songs they performed live that night. “Lie To Me” kicks things without much pomp and circumstance and the rest of the disc follows suit. There are no bells or whistles and no eye-catching visuals at all; this is just the Pretenders flawlessly playing songs from their extensive catalog in the most unpretentious unassuming manner.

This DVD captures a very special moment in time. The one and only time that the Counting Crows performed their debut release, August and Everything After, in its entirety in front of a live audience. The Crows have always had a reputation for being a phenomenal live band and after watching this concert through, I can certainly see why. On this particular night, though the band plays through all of their well-known hits, they have all been reworked; many of them melding in and out of each other.

Kevin Hensley is what I would call hard rock royalty; his work with Uriah Heep and Blackfoot has left a lasting impact on the music world. On this new release, Faster, Hensley returns with his band to crank out 12 really good, hard rock tunes. True to his roots this album has a huge 70’s rock and roll vibe and includes a heavy dose of keyboards (something Hensley has been known for) as well as some terrific fret shredding.

Since 1967 the legendary British rock band Status Quo has been recording and releasing chart-topping hits. Quid Pro Quo is the band’s 29th (yes I said 29th) full-length release and even after so many years, really proves that they still have it. To me their style of boogie rock is timeless; it has a way of getting up under your skin and forcing you to pay attention.