Los Angeles based rock-duo Deap Vally release their song “Bad For My Body” via iTunes. The song was premiered online and now is available for you to stream via SoundCloud right here (look up dude)! “Bad For My Body” is one of the tracks on the duo’s upcoming debut album Sistrionix, which will be released on October 8 via Cherrytree/Communion/Interscope/Island.

Okketaehm is a US duo who quite frankly have next to no band info available. A search of the internet finds no biographical data, while the brief bio I got from their label doesn’t offer much either. According to what I did receive, the duo are extremely reclusive, which is understating it in the extreme. These days it is generally easy to find out almost anything about anyone with a quick Google search. These guys however, have somehow managed to make it impossible.

Avant-garde black metal duo Formloff released their latest work of audio grimness in the form of Spyhorelandet last month via Eisenwald. The follow up to 2006’s Adjø Silo finds the eclectic Norwegian duo – Bernt Karsten Sannerud and Marius Sjøli – exploring the darker, more atmospheric realms of their past.