duff mckagan


Steven Adler became a household name more than 20 years ago when he was part of the multi-platinum selling rock band Guns N’ Roses. Those days may be long gone, but Adler has continued touring and making relevant hard rock music. His newest band, Adler, has just completed work on their debut release, Back From The Dead, and I was able to sit down and speak with Steven about the disc, the band, and their touring plans. Here is how the conversation went.

The Taking is the newest release from Duff McKagan’s Loaded. As one might expect this is a disc packed full of 12 hard rock, radio friendly tunes. The very first track “Lords Of Abbadon” immediately grabs your attention and does not let go. This song is super riff-driven and powerful as hell, especially when cranked up. I had to hear more.