It was a brisk Monday night when Dillon Francis rolled through Oklahoma City with Yung Gravy, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and Sydney Lee for the “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice” tour, but things quickly got hot inside The Criterion (Oklahoma City, OK) as evidenced by PQ Multimedia’s coverage.

Since the 2003 release of his self-titled debut, Klayton (who is Celldweller) has been breaking down musical boundaries and melding numerous genres together to form his own unique sound. Combining heavy doses of electronic music with metal, dance and dubstep, his songs are as enjoyable as they are memorable and it’s easy to find yourself simultaneously banging your head and dancing. On his latest disc, Wish Upon A Black Star, Klayton is at the top of his game and has definitely perfected his craft.

Band name of the year, Skip the Foreplay? Well, we’ll have to wait until the year end to make that decision, but Skip the Foreplay are definitely one of the front-runners. From Montreal, Quebec, this band merges many different styles of music into their sound, with the high energy of heavy metal, the breakdowns of hardcore and the massive beats of electronic music. The group likes to think of their sound more like party music that you can rock out and have a good time to. Skip the Foreplay recently completed its first ever tour and this Summer they’ll be one of the featured acts on every stop of the Vans Warped Tour. The band’s debut record Nightlife was just released on May 1st on the long-respected Epitaph Records. In this interview with drummer Marc-Andre Lemyre, we learn a little more about Skip the Foreplay, the new album and how they first gained notoriety covering a song by, of all musical acts, LMFAO.