Dropkick Murphys


“The Boys Are Back” is a fantastic preview to the rest of the Dropkick Murphy’s new album, Signed and Sealed in Blood. Really, they could not have picked a better track for the first song of the new release. The tune showcases their signature sound while maintaining that they do also have something new to offer. The song has the same saucy beats and fun melody as can be expected, but it’s also raw and fresh.

The World Snowboarding Championship (WSC), in association with Andrew W.K.’s very own Santos Party House nightclub and concert venue, has confirmed that Andrew W.K., Kvelertak, Turbonegro and the Dropkick Murphys will be among the headlining musical acts to perform during the WSC 2012. This first ever World Snowboarding Championship will take place February 10th – 19th in Oslo, Norway and features the top athletes from around the world competing and attending, including Ty Walker (U.S.A.), Mark McMorris (Canada), Tyler Flanagan (U.S.A.) and Peetu Piiroinen (Finland). “Party Hard” super-star, Andrew W.K., is also the championship’s official rock & roll ambassador, and recorded the official theme song to WSC 2012, “Go Go Go Go”.