Raucous duo Holly Hunt are all about loud, and when I say loud, I really mean fucking loud! Their latest three track EP is a wall-shaking, amp-loving, riff-spitting ball of loudness. For over seventeen minutes and three tracks, Holly Hunt push their sludgy sound to the limit coupling together droning, pulsing, groaning riffs with a punishing, sludgy, unrelenting beat to create a monstrous musical offspring.

Montreal quintet, USA Out Of Vietnam has posted a song entitled “Tonight, The Dead Walk” on YouTube. A fifteen minute cosmic voyage across heaviness and psychedelic bliss, the song closes out the group’s debut album, Crashing Diseases and Incurable Airplanes. The album is available on CD, gatefold double-vinyl and digital via New Damage Records (Ken Mode, Biblical) now. Listen to “Tonight, The Dead Walk” below.

Holly crap! We are very glad to be bringing you the world premiere album stream of Holly Hunt’s sparkling new EP Prometheus! This two-piece from South Florida is composed of Beatriz Monteavaro and Gavin Perry and they specialize in kick-ass heavy, instrumental rock with riffs that will hit you right between the eyes. Through their original sound, drummer Beatriz Monteavaro (Floor, Cavity) and guitarist Gavin Perry truly capture the meditative power of repetition, along with the ecstatic joy of tempered variation, psychedelic drones paired with rock n’ roll rhythm.

“Hyperion Under Glass”, a first extract from the sixth Dirge album is now streaming via SoundCloud – listen above. The track comes off the band’s much-awaited new full-length album, Hyperion. This mind-blowing new record is an incredible listening experience. Immense, colossal and yet deeply emotional all at once. As usual, Dirge collaborated with several other talented guests: Milena Rousseau (Miroda), Nicolas Dick (Kill The Thrill) and Tara Vanflower (Lycia).

Imminence Records’ Sirens has unveiled their boundary pushing new single entitled “Drone” to the world. The single, which can be heard below, features technically-driven heavier sections complementing immaculate ambient soundscapes. Drummer and singer Zakk Huff had this to say on the single, “We are excited to present our fans with what we consider to be our heaviest, most demanding, and softest song yet. ‘Drone’ pushes our boundaries in all directions; intricate rhythmic work, experimental orchestration, distinct vocal lines, dense harmony, massive guitar, and drastic style changes that push the genre “progressive metal” to the limits.”

As Negative Black, the monolithic third LP from Germany’s Black Shape Of Nexus oozes towards North American release, the band today proudly drops the third track from the album on the public today. Witness the sheer aural pulverization of this band through one of the “shorter songs on the album,” by streaming the near-eight-minute-long “60WV” just below.

Finally, a drone metal band that doesn’t literally give me a headache. Seattle’s drone stalwarts Earth are back with the sequel to last year’s Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I. What makes their music so much more palatable than the extremely avant-garde Sunn O))), a band that was formed as a tribute to them by the way, is the fact that you can actually hear discernible guitar melodies and coherent song structures instead of just stoning to drooones, drooooones, drooooooones and more droooooooooooones.