Double Experience


Canadian neo-rock nerds Double Experience recently spent their Summer not only touring the USA, but also headed across the pond and, this past August, recently wrapped up their third UK tour (dates below). Entitled the L.A.R.P. Tour (The Live Action Rock Performance Tour) the band performed three weeks of show dates across England, Scotland and Ireland in promotion of their new album 721835 released on August 1st and recorded by fellow science-fiction aficionado Al Jacob (He is Legend, A Skylit Drive).

Dubbed “neo-nerd rock”, Double Experience is a quartet of musicians hailing from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, that don’t want to waste your time. The band is ready to put the roll back into rock and roll and have to-date toured across Canada six times, twice in the UK, and once in the States, performing 500+ shows over 100,000 miles. So why haven’t you heard of them? Well, it doesn’t matter why, but all that changes NOW with this world premiere of their new song “Here’s Y.”