Atma is the newest release from doom metal masters Yob and this disc should come with a warning label informing listeners that there’s a real risk of having their skulls bashed in by the distorted, metallic pounding. The monstrously heavy, slow burning collection of tunes begs to be played loud; very loud. As such, the risk increases exponentially as the volume increases; the insane, low-end and booming bass might very well melt everything in its path, including the speaker cones.

I’m not sure where to begin with this disc; The End is the latest release from Japanese black metal band Gallhammer. I’d heard quite a bit about this female-fronted metal outfit and was quite interested in checking them out. What I found left me utterly speechless. Buried beneath a wall of distortion, noise and incessant screaming are some pretty good grooves. The problem is that as good as those grooves are, it wasn’t worth enduring the auditory battering that I put myself through.

When I was a kid I had a rhino collection on top of my dresser. I thought rhinos were one of the coolest animals ever. Now I have shot glasses, guitar pics and music on my dresser. One disc that has a place up there is Mendozza’s album White Rhino. This is the closest thing I have to my childhood rhinos.