diminished fifth records


As of late I’ve been rocking out to some awesome bands from Diminished Fifth Records. Artists that I enjoy include: Orchids Curse, The.Daisy.Anthesis and UIGG. Last Call Chernobyl recently inked a deal with D5R and now have released their first record Drowning Beneath The Sound Of Change. Aware of D5R’s eye for talent, I made a point of checking out this group’s MySpace and found that D5R had had done it again; signed another great band. I was ecstatic.

What band started out as an acoustic duo and later transformed into a extreme metal trio? That would be none other than The.Daisy.Anthesis. This new Saint Johns, New Brunswick act just recently signed a deal with Diminished Fifth Records to release their full length debut Surface And The Sky. Prior to inking this contract the band…