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Josh Hogan is a crazy busy guy and an important figure in the Canadian East Coast metal scene. He performs vocals for the band Orchid’s Curse and also runs his own record label, Diminished Fifth Records (Last Call Chernobyl, Death Valley Driver, The Daisy Anthesis). He recently took some time out of his busy schedule to exclusively tell PureGrainAudio what he considers to be the 10 albums of 2011. Read below to see what releases could potentially influence a future Orchid’s Curse album.

As of late, Canada’s east coast has been a burgeoning birth place for great metal bands. One particular act which has been making a big name for themselves is The Daisy Anthesis; their album, Surface And The Sky, was recently released via Diminished Fifth Records. Vocalist and guitarist Scott Miller recently gave us a bit of his time to talk about his Carvin DC 727 7 String Guitar.

Death Valley Driver are a dirty-sounding metal band from the East Coast of Canada that recently put out their Diminished Fifth Records’ debut, Choke The River. I got in contact with their grungy-sounding vocalist, Dan Hodgson, to ask him questions about their history, insight into their new album and what it was like to open for Metallica (every metalheads’ dream).

As of late, Canada’s east coast has been a burgeoning birth place for great metal bands. Recently I got the chance to speak with Scott Miller, vocalist and guitarist of The Daisy Anthesis, a hot new band who release an album entitled, Surface And The Sky, via Diminished Fifth Records. I asked Scott about their history as a band, the album and what The Daisy Anthesis has in store for the near future. Here’s how it went.

Orchid’s Curse are a metal band from Halifax, N.S that recently released their second studio album Voices: The Tales Of Broken Men, which has pushed the band farther in their career. Recently I got the chance to fire some questions off to the band who gave me an insight into the record.

I’m a sucker for metal bands that can add great melodic overlays to their music. Last Call Chernobyl do just that with all 7 tracks on their D5R debut album, Drowning Beneath the Sound of Change. I recently got the chance to email some questions off to LCC’s bassist Jason Szeto, and ask about the album, the “Burden Of Dreams” music video and to find out what the future holds for these boys. Here’s what he said.

Death Valley Driver have been bulldozing their red mud-fueled swamp metal since 2008 and like their namesake, the band will leave you with a sore neck and a few bruises. Since their inception they’ve shared the stage with Canadian rockers White Cowbell Oklahoma, Neuraxis, Fuck the Facts as well as East Coast heavyweights Iron Giant, The Motorleague, Black Moor and Orchid’s Curse.