Devil You Know


Francesco Artusato is quite the accomplished shredder known for his work in All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project, and now, the Howard Jones-fronted metal band, Devil You Know. Together with John Sankey (drums), Ryan Wombacher (bass), and Roy Lev-Ari (guitar), the fast-growing group is set to release their debut offering, The Beauty of Destruction, in North America on April 29th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. In an effort to learn more about the powerful sound behind this debut, we sent some gear-related questions to Artusato. Here’s what he had to say.

It’s been just over two years since Howard Jones parted ways with US metalcore titans Killswitch Engage and while his former band have been shredding away with former singer Jesse Leach, Jones has been quietly working away on his new band Devil You Know, readying themselves to unleash their debut offering, The Beauty Of Destruction, to a fanbase who are probably quite intrigued to see what his next move is.