“We had about 80 songs recorded during this time, but we kept throwing away recordings and starting over again until we felt we created something totally new.” Marcel Neumann, Guitarist for German quartet, We Butter The Bread With Butter (WBTBWB) underscores the band’s drive for spiritual and stylistic growth in the three years between full-length albums. The resulting album, Goldkinder, dropping August 13th will be WBTBWB’s third full-length and their first official physical release for the U.S.

Norwegian quintet, Blood Command has announced a forthcoming full-length Funeral Beach to be released on October 30th in the U.S. The female fronted noise-core/post-hardcore unit blends technical dissonance with more melodic moments and a rhythmic attack seamlessly. On their forthcoming self-produced full-length (which is their first full-length since 2010’s Ghostclocks) vocalist Silje says: “On our previous albums, our song-writing was more primal and more impulsive. This is the first album where we were being perfectionists from start to finish, being very choosy in our guitar sounds, how the vocals sound. It’s much catchier but also much heavier!”