Very few bands today shred harder than Boston, Massachusetts natives, Revocation. This brutal bunch has the art of writing whiplash-inducing, damn good metal down to a science. With an impressive track record of 5 killer full-length albums in the span of just 6 years, Revocation is making a career of consistently delivering you the skull-smashing, thrashy goodness your ears crave. Deathless being no exception.

Revocation have spent the last eight years converting fans to their cause with four full-length albums, an EP with Scion AV, and a charismatic live show led by guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson. The Boston-based band also features the staggeringly talented lineup of: Dan Gargiulo on guitar, Brett Bamberger on bass, and Phil Dubois on drums. Revocation has firmly been established as one of the genre’s finest and will continue their campaign as part of the Metal Blade Records roster. Their fifth album, Deathless, is a fitting debut for the label, and a definitive statement of intent from the band.

Formed only last year, Wolves Like Us is a rock/hardcore band from Oslo, Norway featuring members of several other prominent Norwegian bands such as Amulet, Infidels Forever, JR Ewing and Silver. The band is just one of several other up and coming metal bands from Oslo which is quickly becoming one of the biggest metal scenes in the world. The group’s debut record Late Love was just released last month featuring the hit single “Deathless.”…