death valley driver


It doesn’t take much time spent in the company of the filthy swamp metal peddled by Death Valley Driver before you’ll find yourself comparing their grizzly, sludgy groove to that churned out by Pantera towards the end of their career. Not that this is a bad thing, in fact it is most definitely not, but it does give you a good starting point for the rest of this grimy album.

Death Valley Driver are a dirty-sounding metal band from the East Coast of Canada that recently put out their Diminished Fifth Records’ debut, Choke The River. I got in contact with their grungy-sounding vocalist, Dan Hodgson, to ask him questions about their history, insight into their new album and what it was like to open for Metallica (every metalheads’ dream).

If you ever visit the east coast, WATCH YOUR BACKS! Metal band Death Valley Driver will run you over with their debut release Choke The River. The new album consists of eight groove-oriented tracks with vocals that sound as if lead singer Dan Hodgson, drinks whiskey for every meal and beer for a snack.

Death Valley Driver have been bulldozing their red mud-fueled swamp metal since 2008 and like their namesake, the band will leave you with a sore neck and a few bruises. Since their inception they’ve shared the stage with Canadian rockers White Cowbell Oklahoma, Neuraxis, Fuck the Facts as well as East Coast heavyweights Iron Giant, The Motorleague, Black Moor and Orchid’s Curse.