death metal


The masters of gore-infused death metal are back and better than ever. Cattle Decapitation will be releasing their fifth full-length release The Harvest Floor on January 20th. Technically savvy, this is the band’s best release to date. By combining an unparalled technicality with a blistering attack, Cattle Decapitation has created a masterpiece of the macabre. All the trademark bits fans have come to expect from the band are here but everything has been kicked up a notch. This record seems faster, harder and more brutal; if that is even possible. I recently caught up with lead singer Travis Ryan to discuss The Harvest Floor and the band in general.

You all know that this summer SOTU ’07 demolished the whole North American content! Well, we caught up with an equally devastating group in Job For A Cowboy and spoke with frontman Jonny Davy and guitarist Bobby Thompson just outside the Kool Haus on a grassy knoll. The guys answered questions about their latest music video, new album Genesis, and a whole lot more including tour plans for the rest of the year! Enjoy ya’ll!