Death Angel


Death Angel are a classic thrash metal band who have been well-respected among metalheads since the 80s. As the group is a major influence on many current metal bands, we decided to ask guitarist and founding member Rob Cavestany about the gear that he uses to get his sound; including on the band’s latest album, Relentless Retribution. Here’s what Rob had to saw about his Signature Series Custom “Death Angel” Jackson Guitar!

Death Angel has been tearing up North America, touring as the opening band to the Anthrax and Testament tour. The group are well-known in the Thrash arena and have been releasing albums now since the mid-80s. On September 20th, founding member and main songwriter, guitarist Rob Cavestany, took the time to speak with me during a stop in Vancouver, BC. For some reason there was a mix-up on show times that night and Death Angel ended up starting at 7pm instead of 8pm. As a result I missed the set and needles to say was pissed. At least I got to chat with this awesome musician!