Comprising an eclectic mix of musicians from Dallas and NYC and playing a tasty fusion of jazz, funk, rock and more, Snarky Puppy is the next big thing to look out for. Their live performance in DC was one of the best shows I’ve ever attended, striking a perfect balance between pure musical virtuosity and raw melodic simplicity that hit home. Recently I also had the opportunity to talk with Michael League, the main man behind the group. We canvassed topics such as what goes on behind the scenes, people’s reception to their music, and generally what Snarky Puppy is all about – being a band with a purpose.

Flavio Monopoli spoke with me recently about the new projects he is currently working on. Monopoli is a multi-talented musician, producer and arranger who resides in Toronto, Canada. His latest projects include a new CD with ex-Gruesomes guitarist Gerry Alvarez entitled Omega Tea Time, work with Canadian Tenor Derrick Paul Miller, and a new show based on the ‘80s entitled ‘The 80s Hit Parade’. Here is what Monopoli had to say about his many different projects and more.