Over the last 20 years, Halifax has become known for a very particular coastal music scene, churning out explosions of slick, melodic indie-pop. Yet below the sheen of the limelight, Halifax has also been home to an underbelly of angular and aggressive music that has excelled on the fringes. Bands such as The Plan, North of America, and Equation Of State carved out the gritty niche for others like Contrived, Slight Return, Attack Mode, and Radarfame – paving the way for a new generation of musicians embedded in the history of start-stop rhythms, atypical time signatures, and dissonant guitar riffs.

Since 2010 MaQLu has released three EP’s entitled Blood, Black and Haze. To make things easier for their fans, MaQLu has since combined the EP’s to make Blood.Black.Haze, a cheap and efficient way to own all three releases in once compact disc (pun intended). Now that is a space saver of an idea!