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Some might call it “maturing”, but rumour has it, Gossip have ditched their rough, fiesty sound and employed a much slicker sound. Sadly, it’s all true. While Beth Ditto and co. will always find a way to make a melody that sticks with the listener, now, there is no edge.

So, here we have it, yet another indie rock band with bouncy, melody-ridden tunes, but are they adding anything new to an already saturated market? The Vaccines have only been around for a short period, in fact just two months short of a year. The London-based band consist of Justin Young, Árni Hjörvar, Pete Robertson and Freddie Cowan – brother of Tom from British alt-rock sensations, The Horrors.

Any band who signs a contract with a major record label only to have their disc sitting on a shelf for over a year is bound to feel like crap. Honestly, imagine how you would feel if you put your very heart and soul into your musical work and ended up watching it collect dust as corporate executives gave you the runaround. It’s highly likely that you’d be frustrated, disheartened, and just plain pissed off.