christian metal


On the night of October 6, 2017 two tours converged upon the freshly renovated Palladium in Worcester, MA, the Headspace Tour headlined by Issues, with support from Volumes, Too Close to Touch, and Sylar, and the No Sun No Moon Tourheadlined by The Devil Wears Prada, with support from Veil of Maya, Silent Planet, and Thousand Below.

Blessed By A Broken Heart, or as most fans have shorted their name to… Blessed, are back with their third studio album, Feel The Power, out via Christian rock label Tooth & Nail Records. With a four year gap since their previous release, Pedal To The Metal, it seems the time has changed the band as BBABH have decided to show the world a “softer” side.

“Bands often use a self-titled album to stamp something – a new beginning, a new sound, a career-defining batch of songs by which all of their other work can be measured.” This quote comes from MyChildren MyBride’s Facebook page and helps to explain exactly what this new release means for the group. Their third disc, MyChildren MyBride, features a tweaked line-up (now with five members instead four) and begs the question, with an extra member, did it greatly affect the group and their music?

Facedown Records’ extreme metal act The Burial is back with a new disc, Lights And Perfections. This is their third release and once again ups the ante, further raising the bar in the extreme tech metal genre. This is some skull-crushing music, but to me the thing that stands out the most is the sheer technicality of each song; these guys are unbelievable musicians. The heavy, stylistic riffs are complimented nicely by the absolutely insane guitar shredding of Todd Hatfield and the rest of the band is equally on point, highlighted in the way they seamlessly change tempos and stop on a dime, wowing you as they wallop you.