chris barnes


American Death Metal entrepreneurs, Six Feet Under, just finished a mini tour through some North American cities. The reason for said campaign was to support their latest album, Unborn. Considered as a companion piece to their previous recording, Undead, this new studio venture sees the group navigating throughout some familiar territories. However, on both Undead and Unborn SFU also explores new sonic landscapes while during the process becoming a more technically proficient entity. Just before going on tour, iconic growler and SFU’s founder, Chris Barnes, spoke with us about the particularities of these new vicious slabs of infectious, groovy Death Metal.

Even in the largely-ignored-by-mainstream-press realm of extreme metal, certain bands have gone through what major bands frequently experience: that major bitch of a lineup shakeup called LSC (Lead Singer Change). While most certainly turning the heads of self-respecting metalheads out there who are well-connected to the grapevine, even a neutral bystander who might not even necessarily be remotely interested in metal music as a whole can probably understand the huge reaction. What is contemporary music without vocals?

Recently vocalist and Sic Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes spoke with me about their new CD Graveyard Classics 3. This release is a collection of tunes that inspired the band and includes songs from groups as varied as Twisted Sister and Slayer. This is the newest release from the “God Fathers” of Death Metal and here is what Chris has to say.