cancer bats


Cancer Bats are one of the most well respected bands in the scene. With a huge array of touring experience under their belt, and four top quality albums, it’s no surprise that their fifth full-length, Searching For Zero, is yet another cracking display of punk perfection, and quite possibly their best endeavour yet.

This was by no means my first time seeing Toronto’s own Cancer Bats (this was probably my 4th or 5th time), but as usual, they did not disappoint. Lead by vocalist Liam Cormier, they put on a show full of energy and really got the crowd going! They were the last band I got the opportunity to photograph at Heavy MTL and they will always be one of my favourite bands to shoot.

10 am, Queen Street West, Distort Entertainment Office. It’s a Thursday morning and as you may have noticed in Part One, Spencer Matulaitis is usually not awake at this time. Although Spenny doesn’t usually wake up before noon he managed to make it to downtown Toronto to talk with lead singer Liam Cormier and drummer Mike Peters of the Cancer Bats about the new album…