Canada tour


Montreal: Montreal, what can I say? Easily one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. Much like Toronto this city is alive at all times. However it had a more relaxed, “have a good time” vibe. We ended up arriving in Montreal late afternoon. Due to pricing and parking we ended up staying across the bridge in Brossard. About 20 min away from venue.

Toronto: The trek to Toronto from Winnipeg was long, hot and did I already say long? I mentioned in the Winnipeg blog we were delayed an hour due to a crash. That was followed by 8 hrs of driving through storms and winding roads. We made stops in Thunder Bay followed by Sudbury. All in all about 20 hrs driving time. From Sudbury we made our way to Niagara Falls and spent most of the day there before heading to Toronto.

Now that they are home from a month-long tour of Europe, where they played The Great Escape in Brighton, shook the Primavera festival in Spain, fell into rivers, scaled rock walls, cooked meatballs, snapped guitars in half, swept up broken glass from the floor of their van and swam in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean, Hot Panda are preparing to unveil their third full-length album, ‘Go Outside’ on July 17th through Mint Records.