Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, Requiem, hosted a CD release party at the legendary Catalyst Club right in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. Requiem celebrated the release of their debut album, The Unexplainable Truth, with a night of impressive local music. Opening up for the hosts, two local bands, brought their A game to the table as they proved that Santa Cruz should be on the map for an amazing music scene. Not only did Requiem play 10 songs off the new record, fans were also given a first glimpse of a brand new music video for “Sticks & Stone & Her Lovely Bones.” Guitarist and co-vocalist, Jacklyn Paulette was also recently voted into Revolver Magazine’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock. Requiem is an artist that you need to know!

Adelitas Way opened up for The Pretty Reckless at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA on October 8th, 2014. Bassist Andrew Cushing of Adelitas Way made a clear statement of who his favorite sports teams are when he represented the San Francisco Giants by wearing a Giants T-shirt on stage. At the time the Giants were a major contender in the playoffs for the World Series. Cushing was loudly cheered while on stage as be busted out sick bass lines. Even with the loss of long time rhythm guitarist, Keith Wallen in 2013, Adelitas Way struck fans with a solid album. Stuck, features 13 impressive songs that are a must listen. The album was released back in July earlier this year. This was my second time seeing them live, and once again I am not disappointed! Adelitas Way not only sounds great live, but they thoroughly have a good time on stage making the night fun for everyone.

On November 1st, Georgia natives, Lullwater, gave the crowd a huge dose of pure rock and roll as they opened up for Flyleaf at Slim’s in San Francisco, CA. With a little bit of modern and classic rock, Lullwater reminded fans that rock and roll music is truly alive. During their set not a single person was left standing still as they ripped through power chords. Vocalist/rhythm guitarist, John Strickland, struck audiences with his raspy voice. Lullwater’s sound mixed Seattle’s grunge, garage rock and roll sound with a tinge of Southern rock thrown into the mix. Strickland reminisces, “My whole childhood was Nineties rock. For me growing up in Georgia, the Seattle scene was like a mythological place where all of these amazing musicians came out of. I told the guys we needed to go there to record. We aimed to bring Athens to Seattle, and being there definitely changed us. It brought us a lot closer together, and we found the sound we’d always wanted.” Lullwater is a band on the rise that fans need to know about! Check out their self-titled album, Lullwater.

Whether you’re a fan of Rise Against or not, there are just some bands you need to see live. And Rise Against should be at the top of that list! Not only do they sound exactly like their CDs, pumping up the crowd seems like second nature to them. Between lead guitarist, Zach Blair, ripping into power chords while jumping off speakers and vocalist, Tim Mcilrath, getting up close and personal with the screaming crowd, you are in for a wicked good time. Rise Against played at the Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA.

In 2011, fans of Atreyu were saddened to hear that they would be taking a break from making music and touring. Vocalist, Alex Varkatzas confirmed that the band was going on hiatus to “recharge and focus on other parts of our lives.” The anticipation for Atreyu’s return is officially over! Performing at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA in September 2014, Atreyu hit the stage with extreme energy reinvigorating fans. Atreyu is rumored to have a new album out next year!

Linkin Park closed out their successful Carnivores Tour at the Concord Pavilion, CA on September 19th, 2014. Overlooking the city lights of Concord, Linkin Park played a 2 and half-hour set with songs ranging from old to new. Linkin Park was able to interact and reach fans from the front of the stage to very back of the lawn seats. In fact, one fan in particular was brought on stage for fan “selfie” with the entire band. Opening up the night for Linkin Park, two acts included AFI and Thirty Seconds To Mars.

The Last Internationale played Day 1 at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA on September 13th, 2014. From the start of their set, to the very last song, The Last Internationale exhibited extreme energy that resonated throughout the venue. Earlier this year, the band dropped their debut album, We Will Reign, which I honestly believe to be one of the year’s most underrated albums. The Last Internationale is definitely a band to watch, as they have already made appearances on David Lettermen and Breaking The Set. Currently the band is on the road with Robert Plant.

Hardcore band, To The Wind, hailing from Seattle, Washington hit the stage full force when they opened up for Senses Fail in San Francisco, CA on September 5th, 2014. To The Wind was one of three feature artists opening up the show on the “Let It Enfold You” Tour celebrating Senses Fail 10 year anniversary of their first album. Playing several sold out shows, To The Wind hyped up the crowd giving fans a chance to do some serious head banging.