brutal truth


This grind “supergroup” featuring Bill Kelliher of Mastodon and Kevin Sharpe of Brutal Truth originally released a limited addition of Draw Back a Stump a year ago. This said, they are now “officially” releasing it remixed and remastered with additional rhythm guitars.

Grindcore subjugators Brutal Truth today unveil their brand new epilepsy-inducing society-hating politically-charged video for “Malice/Fuck Cancer,” the latest in an ongoing bombardment of videos coinciding with their latest LP ‘End Time’. This latest action-packed double-header was completed by Tyson Montrucchio who previously also directed Brutal Truth’s videos for “Sugar Daddy,” “Semi Automatic Carnation” and “Get a Therapist…Spare The World,” in addition to working with Cattle Decapitation, Downspell and others.