Brooke Taylor


It was muddy as hell at that first day of Riot Fest ’14. Walking between stages was like walking on black ice, but way messier if you actually fell. I made it to the Rock Stage safely and mostly clean (RIP shoes) in time to catch Glassjaw’s set. First time I’ve seen these guys in nearly a decade and they definitely rocked my face off. It was totally worth walking through ankle deep mud to see them, and damnit! I’d do it again in a heartbeat; those tunes and Daryl’s dance moves had me falling in love.

I haven’t seen Emmure in nearly a decade, I was pumped to be able to see their set and shoot it. A huge crowd was waiting before their set even began, and the photo pit filled up fast. Emmure put on an amazing show; these dudes have amazing stage presence. I still don’t know how Frankie was able to wear that windbreaker and long-johns without passing out from the heat.