Brock Lindow


Episode Summary: ALLOY co-host,Ben Abbott, went and caught a show in Portland, Or and got an Interview with Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists! Some of the band being from Oregon, we were stoked that Ben got the interview. Brock was as cool as a guy could be, including the total fanboy co-interviewer that went with Ben to the show. We are big 36 Crazyfists fans and we’re pumped Brock was so cool.

08/08/08… what a date! 36 Crazyfists finally returned to Toronto, Canada and put on an extreme performance at Downsview Park for the 2008 Rockstar Mayhem Tour. In between sets, madness, and beers we caught up with 36 Crazyfists lead vocalist Brock Lindow, coincidentally, just steps away from the Slipknot, Disturbed, and Dragonforce dressing rooms. Despite the distractions, here’s what Brock had to say…

36 Crazyfists’ frontman Brock Lindow looks out the window of his snow covered home and smiles. In addition to being back home in Alaska for the holidays, Lindow and 36 Crazyfists have finally put two years of record company politics and delays behind them. Furthermore, they also finally released their explosive third album, Rest Inside The Flames.