bowling for soup


“We’re not here to change the world…” sings Jaret Reddick as Texan pop-punk fools Bowling For Soup prepare to head into their twentieth anniversary with their new album before signing off with a bang and a smile on their faces with a farewell UK tour. It’s kind of ironic then that, with the world ready to lose one of the most fun live bands around, the quartet put out the best album of their career.

“Turbulence” is the second single from Bowling For Soup’s eleventh album, Fishing For Woos, the album which rocketed to number 189 in the US album charts. Pushing sarcasm aside, “Turbulence” is a very poor effort. We know by now that Bowling For Soup are a very obvious, “in your face” type of band, but the overwhelming feeling gathered after listing to the song is one of stale boredom.