July 27, 2012 – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL w/Diamond Plate, Smashed Potater, Lich King: This is the show that we all were waiting for, that our entire tour was booked around. We were slated to play the reunion show with the legendary Morbid Saint, and with the unstoppable force that Diamond Plate has grown into since they were even younger than they are now. I was especially fired up about it because I learned that one of my brothers-in-arms, Luke James from FATAL, had just moved to Chicago, and we had made arrangements to meet up.

July 25, 2012 – Hammerheads – Fort Wayne, IN w/ Argonaut, Testimony, Lich King: Driving up to Hammerhead Hall was a brutally long, and corn field–filled excursion through the flat, expansive plains of the rural mid west. Passing through, I spent a lot of time thinking to myself “holy shit this place is AMERICA (yes, I thought that in caps lock) as the stereotypical red barns, tractors, and mill silos lazily drifted by on a green sea of corn stalks. Suddenly, our GPS indicated that we were a minute away from the venue, and the pristine country scenery had not changed at all. Consternation overtook me as I exclaimed: “What the fuck kind of venue would be a minute away from THIS place?” The LK guys gave a smirk and shrug as the seconds-remaining on the GPS dwindled down to zero as we pulled up to a huge, ominous building reminiscent of an old – timey movie theater, abandoned.

July 22 in Brooklyn, NY and July 23 in Philadelphia, PA: Being provided with an excellent place to sleep by the promoter for today’s show, we were well rested yet again even, even after a night of hard partying. Tom from Lich King was fairly insistent that we go to the diner called the Rutherford Pancake House. The breakfast food there was great. Massive omelets and stuffed french toast that tasted like it was stuffed with the cream of the Metal gods themselves. Just don’t get the burgers unless you enjoy being disappointed. I wish I had a picture of the “8 oz” burger for you. I know what a half-pound of meat looks like, and this was not it. (Wish I had a picture for you)

Since June, we’ve been touring in Switzerland and France for 2 weeks. During this time, we took a lot of footage of technical crews and new friends. Everywhere we went, we made them wear smiles made out of cardboard. One of our songs called “Wearing a Smile” has for a concept to stay positive in life as much as you can even in difficult moments, cause life does go fast!

Montreal: Montreal, what can I say? Easily one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen. Much like Toronto this city is alive at all times. However it had a more relaxed, “have a good time” vibe. We ended up arriving in Montreal late afternoon. Due to pricing and parking we ended up staying across the bridge in Brossard. About 20 min away from venue.

Toronto: The trek to Toronto from Winnipeg was long, hot and did I already say long? I mentioned in the Winnipeg blog we were delayed an hour due to a crash. That was followed by 8 hrs of driving through storms and winding roads. We made stops in Thunder Bay followed by Sudbury. All in all about 20 hrs driving time. From Sudbury we made our way to Niagara Falls and spent most of the day there before heading to Toronto.