Doom metal is a fast-growing genre complete with, as with most other genres, and over-saturation of cookie-cutter bands who at the end of the day will not amount to much. Thankfully the genre is also blessed with groups which are not only loaded with talent, but also produce some truly worthwhile headbanging anthems – and yes, Below is absolutely one of these such bands. Hailing from Sweden, the quintet are signed to Metal Blade records and gearing up to release their new eight track album, Across the Dark River, on April 15th. Recently we were able to send some questions to drummer Jens Vestergren so as to better understand how this up and coming act manages to get it’s oh so juicy, crispy, powerful and doomy sound.

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of epic doom metal band, Below, who hail from Sweden and music has influences from late Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and King Diamond. Not much is known about the Swedish quintet, however they are working with Tobias Rosén – bass player of Noctum – of Howlin’ Owl Productions and a split 7″ is in set to be released by Dark Descent Records with the doom act’s full-length being released via Metal Blade in 2014.