‎As the Toronto crowd slowly trickled into the Virgin Mobile Mod Club there was a weirdly quick blurp of people and the venue shot from 20 patrons to a hundred in a matter of 2 Royal Thunder songs. With a couple beers and a shot of Jameson dead on the bar counter I realized that what was a dreadfully empty venue had become quite rammed. Sure most people might be here to see Baroness triumph over evil with their luscious tunes, but God damn they were treated to some fucking good Royal Thunder. The trio were in top form and easily outdid their last Toronto performance (they hit the Horseshoe Tavern back in October of 2012).

It can be hard to hear a band that you absolutely love change directions, as when it happens one can’t help but feel somewhat betrayed – even when the music is good. This isn’t hard to understand as most of us look at bands we like as friends – we like them for certain reasons and when they change, well it doesn’t always go over well, no matter if it’s for the better or not. For this reason it was hard for me to listen to Baroness’ Yellow & Green. My anticipation for this double album was high, as I loved their Blue release and considered it to be a masterwork of sludge and melodies, while Yellow & Green is…