There is just as much music out in the world as there are different types of food, movies and opinions on whether or not the moon landing was fake, but with all those differences there are plenty of similarities; stepping outside of the box with musical ideas can be a gamble these days but Awolnation seemed to embrace the challenge. Awolnation was the brain child of Aaron Bruno, a young man who has been in prior successful bands yet never tapped into his full potential. Releasing Megalithic Symphony earlier this year, people have been noticing and appreciating his art form which has been classified by some as “Danger Pop”, which makes him laugh.

One of the summer’s surprise alt rock hits has been Under the Influence of Giants/Hometown Hero singer Aaron Bruno’s AWOLNATION. Second record Megalithic Symphony was released back in March but it’s really just started to catch on in the last two months or so thanks to the hit first single “Sail.” “Sail” has been a stable of alternative rock radio but if you thought it was the only good song off of Megalithic Symphony then think again.