Dubbed “neo-nerd rock”, Double Experience is a quartet of musicians hailing from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, that don’t want to waste your time. The band is ready to put the roll back into rock and roll and have to-date toured across Canada six times, twice in the UK, and once in the States, performing 500+ shows over 100,000 miles. So why haven’t you heard of them? Well, it doesn’t matter why, but all that changes NOW with this world premiere of their new song “Here’s Y.”

Staffordshire, UK is where you’ll like run into the groove-infused Southern rock/metal quintet Tussk. A relatively new group, members Sean “DuBeck” Beck (vocals), Oll Connell (drums), Kris “Cougar bait” Capewell (guitar), Matt “Pulled A” Massey (bass), and Luke Springett (guitar), have wasted no time in ushering the down-tuned and fast-paced groove fest they call music into the unsuspecting ears of as many people as possible. Need an example? Look no further than this world premiere of their new EP Par T.Animal. Sure… you didn’t know of them before, but now you won’t be able to stop listening!

Scythe’s latest album, Subterranean Steel, will be released on September 11th, 2013 via R.I.P records in North America. The band have been building a steady buzz thanks to the album’s positive reviews by several publications, so… to whet your appetite for the album even further, we’ve organized a stream of second track “Monarch”!

We’re more than stoked to be streaming the Bay Area’s Potential Threat SF’s new record Civilization Under Threat right here, in this exclusive world premiere! The band has now been together a remarkable 27 years in which they have been hitting you with their in-your-face approach to their music. The new album is something of a tribute to old school metal by combining aggressive, commanding vocals with dual guitars and a thundering beat. The album has a massively heavy quality thanks to the engineering and mastering of Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios who has worked in the past with Machine Head, Testament, and Heathen.