at the gates


The full extent of At The Gates’ legacy is not something I can entirely comprehend, given that I was in diapers at their peak, when Slaughter of the Soul wreaked wonderful havoc on the ears of extreme music fans everywhere. Ultimately I discovered the group because their massive influence on bands to this day is undeniable; they were frontrunners in catalyzing extreme music. And although I was not there for their reign in the early 1990s, I could not be more thrilled that At The Gates has reclaimed their rightful throne as Swedish death metal gods. At War With Reality, their first album in almost 20 years, was well worth the grueling wait and is a testament to the tenacity and grit that allows this genre of music to persevere through generations.

At The Gates are pleased to release their first new material in 19 years: the title track from their highly anticipated album, At War With Reality. Commenting on the song, Jonas Björler (bass) comments: “We have finally reached the moment for the unveiling of a first full brand new At The Gates song! We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this record for the past year, and we are very happy to now present you the title track of ‘At War With Reality’. Let the journey begin…”