Art Of Dying


Ahh, Art Of Dying. What can I say? I have been a big fan of the band even before their self-titled release in 2006 when very few people had heard of them. Such deeply meaningful and radio friendly tracks as “Get Through This,” “You Don’t Know Me,” “Inside It’s Raining” and “Completely,” were burned into my memory, programmed into my new artist lexicon, and imprinted on my musical compass as what good alternative rock should be.

Jonny Hetherington, lead singer of the modern rock band Art Of Dying, recently spoke to me by phone about the band’s newest effort, Vices And Virtues. This is one of those albums that I dig top to bottom. If somebody told me they had $.99 cents and wanted just one song off the disc, I’d have a hard time making the choice. This is really a rock-solid album and not a compilation of singles that will fade away into oblivion within a few weeks.