Melding the old with the new, the thrash metal act Hatriot has just released their debut effort, Heroes Of Origin. With none other than thrash metal icon Steve “Zetro” Souza at the helm of this relatively young band, they are prepared to take the metal world by storm. I recently had a chance to catch up with guitarist Kosta Varvatakis to discuss the most important piece of gear he used when recording the new disc. Here is how the conversation went.

The Ohio-based hard rock band XFactor1 has shared the stage with Godsmack, Disturbed and many more other major acts. They also released their latest CD, Famous Last Words, back in June and since then have spent the Summer touring, taking their brand of energetic hard rock to the masses. Guitarist Cody Joseph took a moment to speak with me about the one piece of gear he can’t live without… his Marshall Mode Four.