Ghoat is a funeral director. He’s also the guitarist and vocalist for the two-man metal band, Encoffination. His partner, Elektrokutioner (drums), and him released their newest album, III – Hear Me, O’ Death, on October 21st, 2014. Loaded with death/doom metal, this is music that seems to literally have been birthed in the bowels of a funeral parlour. Having only played 2-3 live shows to-date, mystery surrounds the band… at least outside of the gear Ghoat likes to use. Check it out.

If you thought you knew heavy music and you’re not yet familiar with Anagnorisis, then you just may have to alter your definition thereof. This is an unsigned Louisville, KY-based Black/Death Metal quartet that pushes sonic boundaries in every way. Their latest album, 2013’s Beyond All Light, boasts music akin to the recording’s title, dark as shit. We caught up with lead and rhythm guitarist Zak Denham in order to get a better idea of how the band’s sound comes to be.

Led by the twin guitar attack of shredders Rory Heikkila and Jon Liedtke, the Milwaukee, WI-based black metal band Shroud of Despondency are one heck of a pummeling powerhouse of percussive loud music. Released on February 12th of 2014, the group’s new album, Tied To A Dying Animal, features 2 parts and 17 tracks, all of which come at you with a dizzying amount of either velocity or intricacy. Recently we grabbed time with the axemen to learn more about their key gear.

The Raskins is an alternative rock band composed of twins Logan and Roger Raskin. Born and raised in New York City, the brothers began playing music at a very young age and now, on May 13th, 2014, are set to release their debut self-titled album via MIRAL Records/BDG/RED, LLC division of Sony Music Entertainment. We grabbed some time with guitarist Roger Raskin and asked some gear-related questions in order to learn more about his Custom GMP guitars and Marshall 900 Dual Channel amplifiers.

Arnaud Pecoste, bassist for the French death metal act Ad Patres, spoke with me recently about his favorite piece of gear – his Ampeg SVT Classic Amp. The band has just completed work on their newest effort Scorn Aesthetics; a crushing, riff-filled monster of a disc and Pecoste sat down to chat about the amp he used while recording. Here’s what he had to say.

Guitarist Danny Lapetina recently joined the band In Alcatraz 1962 to help them support their newly released Dream EP. At a recent show I hung out with Danny and the band beside their van and decided to ask Danny a few questions about his Peavey 6506+ Amp Head that he uses for his live shows. Read on as to why this one piece of gear is so important to his sound.