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Simply called Self-Titled, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based trio Secret Cutter (guitarist Evan Morey, drummer Jared Stimpfl, and vocalist Ekim), released their 10-song slab of dirty-ass metal on February 10, 2014. Loaded with a lethal concoction of sludge, doom, grind, and more, Self-Titled has an incredibly rich sound considering this is the work of a three piece band. As such, we hit up Evan Morey to better understand how these guys conjure up their wicked, thick tones and music.

Hailing from Chickasha, OK, the five-piece hard rock/metal band Anti-Mortem are getting all hot and bothered with the pending release of their 12 track album, New Southern. Due out on April 29th in North America via Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the new recording features some air-guitar worthy songwriting and tons of shreddable and memorable moments (see the track “100% Pure American Rage” below for an instant and obvious example). Recently we caught up with guitarist Zain Smith to talk gear and he in turn told us all about his Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier solo amp head.

Tucson, Arizona-based metal quintet Lethal Dosage might be signed to the small label Battleground Records, but their sounds is nothing short of massively monstrous! Their new album, Consume, is set to be released on February 25th, 2014 and is loaded with 10 tracks infused with the band’s own brand of hardcore-infused metal. Recently we were able to get some time with guitarist Theodore Simon and ask him about his Peavey VTM 120 Ultra amp head… check it out.

Hardcore bands seem to always put on the most intense shows, I find. One of these such groups is none other then Solid State Records artists and Greensboro, NC natives, To Speak Of Wolves. This band simply destroys stages and homes with their hectic live performances. To assist with said destruction, guitarist Corey Doran uses a Sovtek Mig 60 Head in his rig. Check out why this head does the trick for his amazing sound!