All Pigs Must Die


Arsonists Get All The Girls have had a great 2011 releasing their fourth studio album Motherland on Century Media Records, playing some festivals and hitting the road on some sweet tours. Guitarist Jaeson Bardoni recently took some time out of his busy holiday scheduale to exclusively tell PureGrainAudio what he considers to be the 10 albums of 2011. Check it out below.

Today Pitchfork Media are hosting the premiere of a brand new track from All Pigs Must Die’s recently released ‘God Is War’, dropping the volatile and crushing “The Blessed Void” on your Monday like a mallet to the head. The sheer anger and combustible energy harnessed within this song will surely get your blood boiling, from the punk-infused d-beat attack kicking it off, to the gloomy, slow-motion Swedish death-influenced bridge, to the guitar solo-infused high-speed metallic hardcore finale.