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Stockholm, Sweden 3-piece old-school death metal band Malfeitor originally formed in 1990 and remained active until 1995 when they went on hiatus. Fortunately for fans everywhere, in 2010 the beast emerged from its lengthy slumber and now, 22 years since forming, their debut full-length Dum Morior Orior is set to drop in April/May (on CD via Hellthrasher Productions and LP via Chaos Records). Until then, anxious fans can check out this promotional video for the song “Conversation in Minor” made by band member Benny Moberg.

I recently caught up with Chris Reifert of the legendary death metal band Autopsy to discuss the group’s newest release, Macabre Eternal. After more than a decade off the grid the guys are back with a vengeance; Macabre Eternal is a no-nonsense, death metal record from the critically acclaimed masters of the genre. Here’s what Reifert had to say.