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Errol Antzis of Psychoteria took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about his newest release, I Think I’ll Just Stay Home. Antzis not only provides the lead vocals on the record but he also plays bass, drums and guitar as well making this a sort of one man project. The songs on the record run the gamut from metal to country and everywhere in-between and I think there is something for just about everybody on it. Here is what Antzis had to say.

On September 19th, Swedish stronghold of aesthetic darkness Temple Of Torturous will release worldwide Fyrnask’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Bluostar.’ Musically, Fyrnask’s ‘Bluostar’ can be best described as a combination of classic black metal rooted from the harsh landscapes of Northern Europe together with an eerie ambience which can be only witnessed in the darkest rites from primeval times. To quote a reference, “Fyrnask’s debut is a perfect mixture of Paysage D’hiver and Fauna!”

Although Norwegian band Ulver began its recording career as a black metal band, the outfit has evolved so much since its 1995 debut album, Bergtatt—Et eeventyr i 5 capitler, that the only accurate way to classify it would be if there was a genre called “chameleon.” Its sound defies description, not just because it doesn’t fit neatly within musical boundaries, but because Ulver’s albums are meant to be experienced, not just listened to.

I got the opportunity to chat with Jordan at the Mod Club in Toronto. The lights were dim and the venue was a quiet hush of preparation hours before the show. Jordan’s a well spoken guy who delves deeply into the semantics and process of music writing. With his strong interest in literature and the spoken word, La Dispute is unique in its lyrics and exposition of sound and voice. Reflecting the substance of the lyrics with instrumentals, and intertwining both to tell a passionate story with interchangeable narratives.