Despite the mainstream success and commercial appeal of Van Halen’s 1984, this mega-selling album was released with some accompanying controversial issues. For instance, though the album featured muscular Heavy Rock cuts such as “Panama” and “Hot For A Teacher”, it also proposed dramatic stylistic challenges in the keyboard-oriented hit singles “Jump” and “I‘ll Wait”. Additionally, the cover sleeve depicting a little angel smoking a cigarette while naughtily smiling was indeed, a polemical subject, even though it never caused major issues for the quartet’s successful career.

The unsigned, Los Angeles, California alternative/experimental quintet known as The Body Rampant was birthed in early 2009, rising like a glorious phoenix from the ashes of and Ohio-based hardcore act called Every Bridge Burned. While we’re only a handful of years later, The Body Rampant has already amassed a considerable following (just check their Facebook/Twitter numbers) and have received high praise from reputable tastemakers such as Absolute Punk, who proclaimed: “The Body Rampant is most definitely a legit under-the-radar contender and a band to be taken seriously in the months to come.”