Within the past few years the Hardcore genre has become somewhat of a growing trend in North America with loads of new bands popping out of everywhere. This is no exception for We Were Gentlemen. Breaking through from Virginia, We Were Gentlemen have just released their debut full length, Living Hell, through…

“Wake up wake up, this is no hallucination”, are the powerful words growled by Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker on “Wake Up”, the opening track on their latest full length, No Time To Bleed. After a two year period, I guess the band decided it was time to ‘wake up’ their fans with another pounding record. Unlike their last effort, The Cleansing, this one was tracked rather than recorded live giving the album a much better quality sound.

It doesn’t really take that much for a lot of kids to have the dream of being in a band, performing on stage, and making the music that people want to hear. That’s the easy part. The hard part is to actually put that dream into a goal that can be achieved and then begin that process of becoming a rock band and earning your stripes. Meet…

The beginning of August saw the UK experience the grand finale to the first ever Sonisphere Festival – a series of one day rock events in Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland, which featured some of the best bands on the planet. The final Sonisphere installment took place over two days (plus 1 extra day for weekend campers) on the grounds of stately home Knebworth House.